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Reviews for Baker Chiropractic Centers

What Our Pflugerville Patients Say

heart-commentAt Baker Chiropractic Centers we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Love the Truthful Service

“Dr Baker is such a professional and genuine chiropractor, love the truthful service. I came here in September and finished in December 2020 due to an accident that injured my neck and back. Not only did I get great service, I also encountered the most friendly staff. The consultation after every treatment keeping me updated with my injuries and moving forward in healing by suggesting diagnosis pain treatment helped a lot. I would definitely recommend Dr Baker to anyone who wants that warm feeling of care when entering the front door to the end of treatment.”

- Jacqueline M.

Cheerful and Professional

“Dr Baker is amazing, a caring human. His office staff is always happy. Cheerful and professional. The office truly cares about your overall health and well being. I 100% recommend Dr Baker’s office for your chiropractic care.”

- Lenny S.

Outstanding Service

“My son and I were lucky to have had outstanding service from Dr. Baker and his fantastic staff! The entire staff is extremely courteous, genuinely caring, and always consistent! When you walk into the office you’re greeted by the amazing staff, the office always smells so good and is always clean, they are fantastic to everyone both young and old, I love Dr. Baker, Miss Gabby and Miss Ashley! Thank you all for making us feel so comfortable, welcomed, and for truly helping us gain our mobility quicker then we expected!

I would highly recommend this phenomenal-very thorough chiropractor and his outstanding staff to anyone in need of nothing but great service!”

- Pearl M.

Virtually Pain Free

“Dr. Baker and his staff are very professional, yet friendly and welcoming. After being treated by my family doctor for back pain and not feeling any better, I decided to seek chiropractic care. I’d never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t know what to expect, but Dr. Baker assessed my injury quickly and applied treatment that was right for me. I’d heard horror stories about herniated disc injuries, but with the care of Dr. Baker and his team, I am virtually pain free and can get on with everyday activities that 2 months ago were a huge struggle.”

- Jennifer M.

Extremely Professional

Dr. Baker and his staff was extremely professional and nice. They helped me get back to normal after my auto accident. I will definitely use them if I ever need an adjustment or treatment. Place was nice and clean. No complaints what so ever!”

- Cody N.

Chronic and Severe Migraines Improved

“The first day I walked into Dr. Baker’s office in Pflugerville my neck pain and migraines were so severe I could barely even hold my head up. I’ve suffered from chronic and severe migraines for years. I have spent much time and much money on all sorts of doctors, physical therapists, and specialists but unfortunately still did not find relief. Within the first few weeks of seeing Dr. Baker I noticed a considerable difference in the frequency and severity of the migraines. After viewing an x-ray, Dr. Baker was the first doctor I had seen that was able show me visually and explain to me from a medical stance the origin and cause of my pain. After finally having the knowledge of what was causing my pain, I experienced for the first time hope for a pain free existence. Since starting my treatment with Dr. Baker my symptoms have improved dramatically. Furthermore, the staff at the Pflugerville office is always kind, helpful, and attentive. I feel fortunate to be treated by such a knowledgeable doctor and great staff.”

- Melissa M.

I Feel Wonderful

“Dr. Baker and everyone at the office is amazing. He is the best doctor he makes you feel comfortable and explains everything and how it works, which made me so happy because I was new to this and wanted to understand the process. He really knows what he is doing, and he does his job very well. The girls are super friendly and welcoming and not to mention they don’t mind helping you fill out insurance paperwork which can be such a drag! I feel wonderful and feel such a difference in my posture and am no longer in pain. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Baker!”

- Myra V.

Recommend His Services

“Dr. Baker and his staff are amazing. When my wife was T-boned in a car accident, he got her back to normal in a few short weeks. Later on, I had issues with my neck, which were resolved as well in a few short weeks. He was very professional, caring, and explains just how he will get results with his therapy and exercises. Have and will continue to recommend his services to everyone who has any back/neck issues.”

- Peanut Town


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